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Light Rail (UK) provides consultancy to Government and Local Authorities to enhance their growing awareness of the advantages of Light Rail and Tram systems.

Light Rail (UK) also provides Secretariat services to the
~ All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group ~
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This selection of literature on Light Rail has been presented to Government, Academic and other interested bodies by James J. Harkins MCIT MILT Managing Director, Transport & Training Services Ltd, Warrington, Cheshire, England.

The author hopes they will be both illuminating and interesting to those wishing to further the use of Trams and Light Rail systms in the UK and permits quotations to be taken from these articles providing an acknowledgement is given.

Affordable Low Cost Tram for North Wales

A proposed new light rail link between Rhyl Harbour and Rhuddlan Castle showing the various route options, how obstacles can be overcome and the accruing benefits of regeneration and tourism.

A Waterfront Tourist Tram for Liverpool

shows the various route options through the city centre and the enhanced tourism opportunities that will result, plus additional advantages including the regeneration of the property market.

A Shopper & Tourist Tram for Leeds

A discussion of the advantages of a shopper and tourist tram for Leeds including the favourable public preconception of the tram, the rise in city centre retail footfall because of this and the pollution-free aspect within a pedestrian area.

Crude Oil, the Supply Outlook

Report to the Energy Watch Group, October 2007. The Energy Watch Group consists of independent scientists who investigate sustainable concepts of global energy supply.

Letter to the Guardian regarding the risk of war and unrest caused by the decline in oil production.

Nottingham Tramway Line 2 Public Enquiry

A Summary of the Proof of Evidence presented to the Nottingham Tramway Line 2 Public Enquiry.

Affordable and Sustainable Light Rail or Tramways for Smaller Cities and Towns

A presentation to John Moores University looking at Trams, present and past, current problems of pollution and congestion, and the resulting consequences for health. Why modern trams are so successful in reducing these problems.

The Glasgow Airport Rail Link

Health, emissions and the enviromental impact of the proposed Glasgow Airport rail link. Route considerations and the implications for regeneration, infrastructure and costs.

Hidden Health Costs of the Internal Combustion Engine

The staggering direct and indirect costs to the NHS and the personal suffering in the community caused by the pollution, delays and accidents generated by automobiles and lorries.

Trams Beyond the Wire

Discusses the ways trams have moved from the old method of providing electricity through overhead wires to the modern alternatives of batteries and fuel cell technology

Liverpool Waterfront Garden Festival Regeneration

Revitalisation of the Merseyside Garden Festival site by the introduction of a modern tramway.

Zwickau, Riverline and Seetalbahn

Axel Kuhn discusses the similarities in approach by 3 different systems on different continents using the concept of the tram/train. Zwickau, Riverline and Seetalbahn

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